The RRT will check the connection of the people’s Deputy Ilya Kiva drug trafficking, media

ГБР проверит связь нардепа Ильи Кивы с незаконным оборотом наркотиков, - СМИ

The state Bureau of investigation examines numerous testimonies about the involvement of MP from opsi Ilya Kiva to the protection racket of drug trafficking. This was announced Westie.

Relate to the testimony of drug trafficking on the territory of the ATO, when Kiva for a short time was the commander of the battalion “Poltava”, and also the period in which the current Deputy headed the Department of internal Affairs of Ukraine for combating drug crime (2015-2016).

Colleagues Kiva ATO told how their combat “protected” drug trafficking across the line of demarcation and he was soon hooked. A year later he became the head of the Department and anonymous confessions subordinates have blocked all major investigation, and he engaged in the drug labs, and the development of “dealer network” in the casino and night clubs.

Westie contacted former administrator of one of night clubs of Kiev, who spoke about extortion and pressure from the Ilya Kiva and his men. According to a source close to the Kiva demanded from the nightlife of “partnership” to sell drugs to visitors for kickbacks. “Owners who were against the sale of drugs in their establishments, threatened, promised to take away the business. It is not publicized, but inside the party there was talk that then in these clubs were the raids of the Department of Kiva and something found. Everyone knew that agents were thrown out of revenge and to intimidate all others,” write News with reference to the source. He does not exclude that this was the cause of the scandal around the club Closer against which the Kiva was organized a PR campaign to have it closed for 3 months. The owners filed a notice of appeal: the court confirmed the groundlessness of accusations by the head of Department.

In addition, according to the publication, people of the Kiva, worked in illegal casinos and slot machine halls. The MP allegedly received part of the profits from the sale of drugs until the adoption of the law on legalization of gambling. Recall, Kiva argued strongly against the closure of the slots, and even promised to appeal to the constitutional court.

According to the newspaper, even after 4 years after dismissal from the Department Ilya Kiva retains influence on the drug market. Not so long ago he was accused of lobbying the interests of big drug ring “Khimprom”: Kartel with multi-million dollar moved from Russia to Ukraine during the work of Kiva in the relevant departments. In the autumn of 2019, the media wrote about the fact that the MP received 500 thousand dollars for the pressure on the investigation, and change of Prosecutor in the case of a drug ring.

“The involvement of the Kiva to the drug trade also confirms the luxurious lifestyle of the MP, which never engaged in business and most of his career sat on gosdolzhnosti, as well as his inappropriate behavior,” the article reads.