The ruble threatens to fall: because of the escalating trade conflict between the US and China the dollar will rise

Рублю грозит падение: Из-за эскалации торгового конфликта между США и КНР доллар будет расти

The Russian currency began to strengthen only that, but because of the failure of trade agreements between China and the United States next week will be decisive in the fate of the yuan and the ruble.

Senior analyst at information-analytical center “Alpari” Anna Bodrova said that the accusations of Donald trump to China, which he announced on 11 may, the failure of trade negotiations, resulting in tariffs on Chinese goods has risen to $ 300 billion. Naturally, this reflected in the currency.

It affected not only the yuan, analysts said, but the decline also threatens the ruble, because of the escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China the dollar will rise further, which will affect the overall situation of the currency market.

Prior to this, experts argued that the ruble will strengthen, but this situation does not conducive to this, especially now that all depends on the actions of the PRC. Perhaps, the United States pursues some of its purposes and the PRC does not want to go on about the world leader. Apparently, the purchase of gold by BRICS members also testifies to this, because ensuring its currency with gold Russia, China and India will be free from the “domination of the dollar” and this will allow them to dictate terms of the game world economy.