The rules of the game of football has made significant changes: details

В правила игры в футбол внесли значительные изменения: детали

The international football Association Board (IFAB) at its annual meeting in the Scottish Aberdeen has made changes in the football rules. These changes in the rules will come into force in June 2019.

Under the new rules, the team that executes the penalty, will not be allowed to stand in the wall with the players of the defending team. They should be one meter from her.

Now goal will not be counted if the author or the player who took part in the attack, played up his hand. Even unintentionally. Now it will be considered a violation of the rules.

During the replacement player must leave the field at the nearest line of the field instead of going to the bench. This is done to ensure that the players are not playing for time to replace.

Goalkeepers at penalty their goal now will be to stand on the goal line with one foot, not two strictly

In some cases, if the ball hit the referee, to be appointed by the jump ball.

Red and yellow cards will now be issued not only the players but coaches and team officials.

Abolished the rule that the ball must leave the area during a goal kick before it touches another player on the team.

IFAB consists of 4 of the founding members of the football (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), who 4 votes, and FIFA, which is also 4 points.