The Russian Ambassador about the charges of the West

Российский посол об обвинениях Запада

Russia rejects accusations of cyberagression undertaken in Europe and North America on Thursday, the day of the Ministerial meeting of NATO in Brussels. The Dutch authorities have published details of how it was possible to disrupt the April attack by hackers on located in the Hague headquarters of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. Russia’s permanent representative asks counter questions:

“Why the Dutch government waited six months? If this topic is abandoned NATO defense Ministers, why is it not raised at the NATO summit in July? – asks Vladimir Chizhov. – Not provided with any evidence, except those which, as far as I know, they were in April.”

Russians were also convicted of hacking into the database of the anti-doping Agency, attack on a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Euronews correspondent EFI of Kotakota asked whether relations with the West at the lowest point.

“Well, you might ask if they can go lower than it is today – said the Russian Ambassador. But of course, I am a born optimist. I believe that common sense will prevail”.

Russia also says in his lack of involvement in the poisoning in Salisbury.

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