The Russian “court” in the Crimea increased the sentence to Vladimir Baluku

Российский "суд" в Крыму увеличил срок заключения Владимиру Балуху

The so-called “Supreme court” of the occupied Crimea considered the cassation statement of the Russian Prosecutor’s office on the Peninsula and extended the period of detention Ukrainian prisoner of the Kremlin Vladimir Baluku.

Thus, the “prosecutors” asked me to add to crock the time baloh held under house arrest. However, the “judge” Love Dyachenko decided otherwise to count the time of stay of the Ukrainian custody. She condemned, according to which increased the term of imprisonment the prisoner even more than prosecutors asked for.

“The judge” made the decision about the deterioration of the activist, namely, – decided not to count the time he spent in jail as a day and a half.

Mr Baluch participated in the meeting via video link. According to the lawyer, he looked very tired and was very outraged by the decision of the court.

The final motivation for this decision will be clear when the lawyer receive the court decision.

Defenders of Ukrainians hope that the judge will understand admitted gross error, and the decision will still take into account the time spent in jail as a day and a half. In another case, the defense will appeal against this ruling “court”.

Note that up to this Baluja illegally transported from the annexed Peninsula into Russia. The phase lasted more than a month. The relatives of the Ukrainians did not know where he is.

Who is Mr Baluch?

A Ukrainian prisoner from the Crimea.

FSB 8 December 2016 broke into his house on the Peninsula and detained the Ukrainian. Baluch became a victim of repression because of the Ukrainian flag and the sign “street of the Heavenly hundred Heroes” in his yard. He also refused the passport of the Russian Federation.

The occupation authorities of the Peninsula claim that he had found in the attic of Baluja ammunition and explosives. However, according to men, the ammunition had been planted to avenge the Pro-Ukrainian position.

16 January 2018 Baluja sentenced to 3 years and 7 months of imprisonment in a colony-settlement, and then also increased this term. So, in July 2018, the Russian court in the occupied Crimea awarded Baluku 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 10 thousand rubles.

In March 2018 the political prisoner has announced an indefinite hunger strike. October 9 reported that they decided to stop it. His fasting lasted 205 days.

18 Feb 2019 Baluch disappeared from the Simferopol prison, where he was kept. Later it became known that he was transferred to one of the Russian colonies in the Tver region.