The Russian Navy showed a test missile submarine type “Northwind”

Российский ВМФ показал испытания подводного ракетоносца типа «Борей»

The Russian Navy has unveiled footage of a new submarine type “Northwind”. “Deployed serial production of non-nuclear submarines of project 636.3 and 677, as well as nuclear submarines of project “Borei” and “Yasen””, – transfers words of the commander of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev TV channel “Zvezda”.

It is noted that currently work to maintain the grouping of naval strategic nuclear forces through the construction of a new nuclear missile cruisers of the type “Borey” with missile complex “Bulava”, as well as ensuring the technical readiness of missile submarines strategic purpose CLSN third-generation missile complex “Sineva”.

As reports “RIA Novosti”, in the command of the Navy of the Russian Federation consider the possibility of increasing the grouping of strategic nuclear submarines of class “Northwind” to ten. Now, according to the state program of armaments, in the interests of the Russian Navy plans to build eight submarines of this class.