The Russian satellite “Yamal-601” problem: what do we know

У российского спутника "Ямал-601" возникли проблемы: что об этом известно

The satellite, which may 30 launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome to the Russian Corporation Gazprom, was unable to smoothly enter the calculated orbit. According to preliminary data, he correctly worked apogee plasma engine Airbus S400.

What is known about the crash of a satellite of Gazprom? As reports “League.News” the satellite “Yamal-601” brought into space on a rocket “proton-M” with the upper stage “breeze-M”, but when I try to deliver it with a reference orbit to the geosynchronous problems.

How to try to solve the problem? The Russian space Agency hope for life (15 years), the anomaly will not be affected. The operator hopes to launch a little divesti “Yamal-601” to the desired point of near-earth space using chemical thrusters. This will cost a three-year supply of fuel.

The launch of the satellite “Yamal-601” – watch the video

The Reaction Of Gazprom. In Gazprom say that they will not present Thales Alenia Space claims for the failure of the engine: it’s not a claim.

What is known about the new mission?
A communication satellite weighing 5700 pounds to replace in space of its predecessor, “Yamal – 202”, which will be sent for burial to a height of 49 thousand kilometers.

The service area of a new satellite, which will hang in geostationary orbit covers the visible part of the territory of the former USSR, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia.

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