The Russians are furious because of the Pro-Ukrainian gesture of the legendary singer: “he was a Banderovite”

Россияне в бешенстве из-за проукраинского жеста легендарного певца: "оказался бандеровцем"

The legendary Georgian actor and singer Vakhtang Kikabidze, who called Russian President Vladimir Putin, the invader, angered the representatives of the “Russian world” photo near the monument to Stepan Bandera

The picture shows the actor holding a big thumbs-up and smiles. In this case, the monument can be seen from the inscription: “Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera”.

“My years – my wealth! Upset grandfather in the morning, of course. And my modified once,” wrote in the Telegram.

The network immediately picked up the hysteria about the picture and began to distribute it. In the network to the legendary actor was showered with profanity.

Moreover, this news was spread by the propaganda edition of the Russian Federation, releasing the news with the headline: “Father defend the Crimea, and the son of ban*urovnem was”: Unexpected turn in the life of Vakhtang Kikabidze”.

We have previously reported that well-known Georgian actor and part-time a great friend of Ukraine Vakhtang Kikabidze was urgently admitted to the hospital. Similar information actor confirmed in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking” on August 31.

The journalists asked Kikabidze question whether he would attend the funeral of the Russian singer Joseph Kobzon, who died on August 30, and received a negative response.

“Me personally were not invited to the ceremony of farewell with Kobzon. I now lie in a Tbilisi hospital,” said the legendary artist.

In addition, Kikabidze said that he was not surprised by this situation, because it is very long been at odds with Joseph Kobzon. It is worth noting that the quarrel between artists occurred during the Russian-Georgian war in 2008. Actor Kikabidze publicly renounced order of Friendship, which he personally gave the President of the Russian Federation.

Earlier in an interview with reporters Kikabidze admitted that in his youth he talked to the fortuneteller, who predicted for him a terrible disease, and worldwide fame. “All this was fulfilled to the last detail,” – said the actor.

Россияне в бешенстве из-за проукраинского жеста легендарного певца: "оказался бандеровцем"

Россияне в бешенстве из-за проукраинского жеста легендарного певца: "оказался бандеровцем"