The Russians are moving EN masse to Telegram after draining voice messages “Vkontakte”

Россияне массово переходят в Telegram после слива голосовых сообщений «ВКонтакте»

So far, the most popular social network in Russia is once again forced to rectify the consequences of a hacker attack, many Internet users continue to glance in the direction of the Telegram, which seems more reliable. We can only guess why recently Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vkontakte experiencing problems, and the brainchild of Pavel Durov filled up by vast armies.

Russian social network “Vkontakte” was back in the spotlight. Yesterday, massively scattered information that audio users have become available for listening. Go to “documents”, anyone could write in search line “audiocomment.3g”, and then listen to private voice messages. According to experts, “VC”, the main reason for plum voice messages have become the method of pouring. Many subscribers use for ease of application, the creation of which “Vkontakte” is not involved. At the moment the problem is resolved.

This year the scandals with the most popular social network of Russia are to each other. A little over a month ago, users I complained about hackers who published on many personal pages and communities post criticizing the “fake” innovations. It was about the fact that “Vkontakte” brings advertising even in personal correspondence. But not only this social network has become a victim of the attacks. Mass failures of Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail in mid-March scared the hell out of users worldwide. Then, created by Pavel Durov Telegram, to avoid bugs, has taken to himself a few million new customers only for a day. Now, after the recent plum voice messages “Vkontakte”, the Russians are moving EN masse to the messenger. That’s what people say in social networks, worrying about their online safety. Today, the company Telegram Messenger LLP, which announced a year ago hunting Roskomnadzor, ceased to exist. But the Telegram will continue to work, as Pavel Durov has registered a new company Telegram Systems LLP.