The Russians wanted to punish for not reporting crimes

Россиян захотели наказывать за несообщение о преступлениях

In Russia proposed to punish by imprisonment for not informing on the preparation of serious crimes. The document published in the electronic database of the state Duma.

The authors of the bill propose to amend Chapter 31 of the Criminal code article 316.1 of “Failure to report crimes against life under aggravating circumstances”.

As sanctions it is proposed to introduce a penalty to 100 thousand roubles or in the amount of income for a period of up to six months or up to a year of forced labor, or up to a year in prison.

The authors of the document explained the need for a law incident in Kerch. Recall that in October last year student Vladislav Roslyakov opened fire and detonated the bomb. Then killed 15 students and 5 teachers, injured 50 people. As noted by the authors of the bills, knew about the preparation of the crime could have prevented the tragedy, if timely appealed to the police.

Earlier in the State Duma introduced a bill to reduce the age of criminal responsibility for cruel treatment of animals.