The Russians were more likely to die from depression due to the impact of Nibiru conspiracy

The deadly influence of mystical “death Star” provokes unreasoning emotional depression and puts the citizens of the Russian Federation in the coffin more often now than ever, believe “conspirators”.

Россияне стали чаще умирать от депрессий из-за воздействия Нибиру – конспирологи

Previously, scientists noted a serious increase in deaths of people around the world from depression. Russia was among the countries with the most abysmal statistics. Notably, citizens are more likely to die from the emotional oppression “out of the blue”, starting in may of this year. About this time a deadly Nibiru entered the Solar system, it is therefore obvious that the Russians are dying due to the impact of the “death Star”, believe conspiracy theorists.

Tremendous energy Nibiru warmed the earth’s core, causing lethal eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes around the world, to say nothing about a person’s ability to resist harmful radiation. The Russians have become more irritable, the number of heart attacks increased, and the doctors shrug. Not surprising, because they are looking for the problem on the Ground, and need to look in the cosmos, thought to be “conspirators”.

Science does not recognize any of the conspiracy theories of the growth of Russian mortality from depression. In Russia, there are many factors that contribute to emotional oppression of citizens. People are panicky afraid to lose a job, go to jail for anything or deal with a deadly disease. Such experiences often leads to prolonged depression and sudden death, so Nibiru is not the issue here, the scientists.

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