The salaries of doctors in Melitopol is the envy of all of Ukraine

Зарплатам медиков в Мелитополе может позавидовать вся Украина

Health care reform has finally started to bear positive fruits in Melitopol. This year the Center for primary health care №2, passed on the financing of the National health service (NCSU).

From 1185 medical institutions in the country that is the Center of Melitopol became a leader in the payments. He received 5 million UAH. And this is the highest rate in the country according to the results of signing contracts with NCSU in the third wave of applications.

According to the city health Department, January 15, KNP “CPSD No. 2” signed a contract with the National health service of Ukraine and on January 25 received the first funds for the maintenance of medical institutions in the amount of 5 million 70 thousand UAH. This amount will significantly increase wages for health workers. Compared to 2018, the average wage of nurses increased more than 6 thousand UAH, and the average salary of doctors – more than 14 thousand UAH. Now wages Melitopol family doctors are the envy of colleagues from other cities.

– This Center is connected to the system, e-health, doctors of the first link 100% secured by office equipment and medical information system through a grant from the world Bank totaling $ 3 million 661 thousand UAH. This allows you to embed electronic documents (electronic patient card, electronic record to the doctor, etc.).

To Center primary health care have achieved such results over the past 3 years the city government has initiated is not enough investment in local medicine, says Larissa Saprykin.

– Carried out major repairs to equipment new furniture and medical equipment 8 ambulance stations in the amount of 9.7 mln. allocated from the local budget. Also, in addition, to carry out repairs and purchase of equipment in outpatient clinics of General practice – family medicine from the local budget it has been allocated 2.2 million UAH. – said the head gorzdrava.

By the way, by means of NCSU now CPSD No. 2 in the future to ensure the establishment of equipment according to the timesheet equipment to carry out repairs in the outpatient clinics of General practice – family medicine, to implement a telemedicine – remote communication through the exchange of electronic messages.

Recall, the salary of family doctors and nurses now depends on the number of patients who have signed the Declaration. The more patients, the higher the salary. In addition, the mayor Melitopolya Sergey Minko initiated the increase of wages of doctors second level are narrow specialties, 30-40% by surcharges from the local budget. Staff nurses also will have increased wages, but not all, and those who have a significant load, as the staff in the surgery, trauma care and other, previously reported at a briefing Larissa Saprykin.

To solve the problem of shortage of specialists, family physicians and to encourage young people, the mayor ordered that first raised the salary of young doctors. In addition, to detain young professionals in the city local authority decided free housing.