The salary in envelopes, the Ukrainians will take away subsidies

За зарплаты в конвертах у украинцев будут отбирать субсидии

The government believes that about one-third of subsidianes receive benefits from the state for payment komuslug illegal. So soon the citizens are waiting for validation, the results of which will show who will remain without subsidies. Under a sight were the Ukrainians, who receive their wages “in envelopes” and work without labor.

According to the new bill, the Ministry of social policy decided to take away the right to a grant of the citizens having the status of unemployed but work informally or working abroad, earning high income and having all the possibilities for payment of utility services without prejudice to the family budget.

According to the authors of the new law, such measures will allow to save up to 10 billion hryvnia from the budget spent on public assistance to the population.

“When the inspectors will have the right of control online for a real income and actual living of subsidianes, which in Ukraine are considered unemployed and qualify for state aid, and to work abroad is several billion will reduce the payment,” – says Nikonchuk.

The expert also mentioned the reasons previously, the Ministry of social policy has refused inspections of subsidiesto the place of actual residence. According to him, such monitoring could lead to a spike of corruption in the social sphere.

“This is taxpayers’ money, so we need transparency. In the door-checks subsidianes monitoring is not sufficient because it is time consuming and there is a corruption component” – the expert added.