The salary of family doctors in Odessa will increase by 2-3 times

Зарплата семейных врачей в Мелитополе вырастет в 2-3 раза

Substantially increase the salaries of doctors and nurses who work in primary care, provided that they sign a sufficient number of declarations with patients. Today in Melitopol Declaration was signed by 87 thousand people or 57% of the total population.

Melitopol has officially signed a contract with the National Health Service of Ukraine. Thus, the primary link will be to obtain funds for the payment of salaries to doctors and paramedics because of “wallet,” NCSU. And it will significantly increase the incomes of physicians.

As the head of the city health Department Larissa Saprykina, the salary of primary care physicians in Odessa will increase by 2-3 times.

– Everything will depend on how much returns will be signed by patients every doctor. All the doctors and nurses will retain their basic salary. Plus bonuses for the Declaration. On average, we have estimated the doctor less than 12 thousand hryvnia will not receive. And someone 18 thousand UAH. and more. Depending on the number of signed declarations with patients and their categories. Services for children are paid 4 times more expensive, and elderly in 2 times, – said Larisa Saprykin.

Every doctor and 2 nurses. Roughly, their salary will also increase. And the increase will be equal to approximately 50% of the payments that will be received by the doctor. Every doctor, by the way, has its own rate of signing of the declarations. Pediatrician max 900 may enter into contracts with physician – 1800, family doctor – 2000. Those who will enter into declarations of values, applies a reduction factor. In NCSU believe that this will decrease the quality of the doctor. Therefore, exceed the rate doctors would not be profitable.