The salvation of the impeachment: whether Zelensky “lawyer trump”

Спасение от импичмента: станет ли Зеленский "адвокатом Трампа"

Donald trump having big problems. So big that now you can’t even eliminate his forced resignation from the post of President of the United States. To save him from this fate can only Vladimir Zelensky.

The main event of the last days in the United States was the publication of a newspaper NYT excerpts from the manuscript of the new, forthcoming books John Bolton.

This book will be referred to as “the Office in which it happened.” In it, former national security Advisor of the USA talks about his work in the administration of the trump. But the excerpt that was available to the NYT, contains a real “atomic bomb”.

Bolton writes that trump had personally told him that it will delay the allocation of us military aid to Ukraine until she starts the investigation against his political opponent Joe Biden.

Thus, John Bolton – one of the leaders of the Republican party – directly and immediately confirmed that Yes, the President trump has committed a crime, in which trump accused the Democrats.

Moreover, Bolton has already said he is willing to give relevant testimony under oath at the hearing in the U.S. Senate.

Republicans who previously said that there is no need to call back the witnesses, now lost in thought. With all my love to the Tramp, they understand that the words of Bolton cannot be ignored.

The dam of silence will be broken. Then there will be the need to hear other participants in this story. List the financiers of the Pentagon and the White house chief of staff who signed the financial documents. There is a personal lawyer’s trump, Rudy Giuliani and his business partner Lev Parnas, who ran in Kyiv, met here with Lutsenko and was looking for dirt on Biden.

This ensemble of stone on stone will leave from the defense of trump. All of America will be clear that he was a swindler and a blackmailer. After that, the Senate will have no choice: the President will have to resign.

Why Trump faces impeachment and at what here Ukraine?During a telephone conversation on 25 July 2019 trump and Zelensky American President allegedly promised that relations between the two countries would improve if Ukraine will resume the investigation into the gas company Burisma. This company involved in the son’s chief rival trump in the presidential election Joe Biden – Gunther. More about what is this scandalous company, please click here.

On September 25 the White house released the transcript of the conversation. It reads: tramp Zelensky said: “it would be good” if he explored the case of Biden. Due to this scandal in the House of representatives announced the beginning of formal procedure of impeachment of the President of the United States.

Trump knows that the probability of such an outcome now skyrocketed. And so he badly needed another line of defense. It should not justify any us official or diplomat, but she is the alleged victim of his crimes.

You probably already understand what I mean. Trump wants the President of Ukraine publicly, clearly and unambiguously rallied to his defense.

He wants Vladimir Zelensky on television, said: “there is No pressure on Ukraine with the United States was not. No one was threatened and no one was being blackmailed. We have received all necessary military assistance. Even got more than I wanted. President trump is the best friend and ally of Ukraine. It helps us a lot stronger in the war against Russia than Barack Obama.”

And it’s not my guesses. Protection of the President of the United States Senate during the trial, several times referred to the words Zelensky that he felt no pressure from the White house.

By trump on Twitter wrote that he met with the Ukrainian leader, gave him aid and weapons, including the “Javelin”.

Simply put, the President of the United States actively makes the Ukrainian colleague his main lawyer at the trial in the Senate. And if things still go bad, he really need another loud statement Zelensky that everything was fine.

The logic is this: if the two presidents of the two countries say that no pressure existed, that it was okay, the way it is. And this whole process is bullshit and gibberish. Conventional political order.

The plan the White house is clear. It only remains one small formality. Need to convince Zelensky to become a lawyer trump and record the video with the acquittal of the President of the United States. To perform this task on 30 January in Kiev will be Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of state.

In fact, he was supposed to arrive just after the New year, but then began the epic killed an Iranian General, a court in the Senate is postponed. Now here, he resumed, therefore, the Secretary of state and goes to Kiev.

One day ago, when trump was all good, Pompeo would require Zelensky guarantees of non-interference of Ukraine in the process. Something like: “Everything is under control, do not climb, sit quietly, and you will be happy. Well, if you have there will be some plums, we will make you very painful.”

That was the original plan of the visit Pompeo. But now, after the confessions of Bolton, Trump took the Ukrainian intervention, but on its side.

During the visit, said on “issues of bilateral cooperation”. I suspect that Pompeo will offer a deal: Ukrainian President publicly “otmazyvatsya” us, and gets it whatever you want – both for the country and for themselves personally.

Well, for example, the increase in aid, arms transfers, support in conflict with Russia or something else. But if Zelensky will refuse to save trump, I think, Pompeo threatened him as some sort of punishment. In any case, the Secretary of state will be very persistent.

I am sure that trump sent him to Kiev with the words: “Go to Zelensky and without public justification may not even be back.” I suspect that’s why Pompeo recently became hysterical when the CSOs asked about Ukraine. He started to shout, insulted the journalist, and Ukraine.

What was discussed in the controversial interview? First, in an interview discussed the issue of confrontation with Iran. Later, the journalist asked about Ukraine and the former us Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. This greatly angered Mike Pompeo, who stressed that he agreed to an interview just to answer questions on Iran.

“Do you think that the US is doing nothing for Ukraine? Barack Obama gave Ukraine with dry rations, we give a “Javelin”. The previous administration did nothing to eradicate corruption and we are working on it. And we are going to do next,” he said.

I understand that he is nervous and worried, but it’s still very ugly. By the way, these statements about Pompeo provide Zelensky every right not to meet him when he arrives in Kiev.

The President can say: “After these words, Mr. Pompeo, come talk with our Minister of foreign Affairs. And I even do not want to see”. And you know, such tactics may need.

I think Zelensky aware that it will try to draw in a fierce battle between the two main political clans in the USA. And very utilitarian: the leader of the group Republicans is going to use its President as a shield – to shield themselves from the arrows and spears of the Democrats.

In fact, it’s the only way to trump guaranteed to be saved from impeachment. To get this salvation, he will be ready to move on. But the fact that Zelensky-shield after such an operation remains one of the wet place, trump is absolutely not care. He is busy with his own survival, the Ukraine and the Ukrainian coworker he doesn’t care.

Accordingly, we should not care about the fate of Donald trump. No, we don’t care. For us it will be very good if this friend of Vladimir Putin and the shame will be banished from the White house. And so be it.

Спасение от импичмента: станет ли Зеленский "адвокатом Трампа"

Спасение от импичмента: станет ли Зеленский "адвокатом Трампа"

Спасение от импичмента: станет ли Зеленский "адвокатом Трампа"