The sanctions are removed – the teasers of the new Honor 9X available

Санкции снимаются - тизеры нового Honor 9X выпускаются

In the video reported and the date of the official premiere of the smartphone – July 23.

Once in the United States lifted sanctions against Huawei, even partially, the company activated around the world. This time we will focus on its sub-brand Honor. Only recently lifted sanctions, and the teasers for the new 9X appear on the Internet.

On the video showed the development of the whole range of X from Honor from the time of their creation – 2013. And at the end of show Honor 9X in retail package and date of presentation – 23 July. Most likely, it’s release date in China and in the world, the smartphone will appear in a few months. If it will not work to order some AliExpress in advance.

Waiting for the gadget are assigned serious the company believes that it needs to repeat the success of its predecessor 8X Honor sales of 10 million devices. And even surpass that record.

The exact specifications are unknown, only guesses. It is believed that this smartphone average price categories and take audience to be generous interior capacity. “The main thing is inner world”, Yes. Although it is now claimed passed the certification of 3C and the charger with a capacity of 10 watts.