The SBU detained the extortionists in five regions

СБУ задержала вымогателей в пяти регионах

In Odessa the criminals blackmailed the head of one of village councils, extorting him for cash and land totaling $500 thousand.

The security service of Ukraine exposed group of extortionists in five regions of the country. About it reports a press-service SBU on Friday, November 22.

In the framework of legal protection of business and anti-crime security Service of Ukraine blocked the activities of criminal groups who terrorized businessmen and representatives of public authorities in the five regions of the country – stated in the message.

For example, in Odessa field investigators have stopped activity of an organized group whose members were blackmailing the head of one of the local councils. The attackers threatened officials with criminal prosecution. The problem they demanded from the man the payment of 100 thousand dollars in cash and the allocation of controlled commercial structures land on the Black sea coast an estimated cost of 400 thousand dollars.

Now the organizer and one of active participants of group declared suspicion in extortion.

“In the same region law enforcement authorities exposed another criminal group. Targets of the attackers were businessmen from Odessa and Mykolaiv oblasts”, – reported in SBU.

Organized group of extortionists were also in the Carpathian region. Provoking an artificial conflict situation, the attackers knocked at merchants non-existent debt.

In Kremenchug Poltava region the group of extortionists disguised as a security firm. Through intimidation and robbery, they forced the representatives of the local commercial structures to pay them a “tribute.”

Two criminal groups, whose members involved in the kidnapping and torture of people, the SBU exposed in the Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk areas.

On the specified facts criminal proceedings. Investigations are continuing to establish all participants of criminal gangs and the circumstances of their illegal activities.