The SBU reported that expelled from Ukraine journalist Cooper. She wrote articles for the online “Ukraine. ru”, entering into holding Kiseleva

СБУ сообщила, что из Украины выдворили журналистку Бондарь. Она писала статьи для ресурса "Украина. ру", входящего в холдинг Киселева

The state migration service of Ukraine according to the materials of the security Service of Ukraine has decided to expel from Ukraine, Russian journalist Margaret Cooper. This was reported by press service of the SBU on March 27.

“For 2018, it is on the order of the Russian propaganda “Ukraine. ru”, entering into holding “mouthpiece of the Kremlin” Dmitry Kiselev, were systematically distributed on the Internet biased information about the socio-political situation in Ukraine. In particular, she published false and provocative news about the violation of the rights of national minorities with the representatives of Russian nationalist organizations and the alleged inaction of the Ukrainian law-enforcement system”, – reported in SBU.

As stated in the conclusions of the experts of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the content of Cooper “contributes to the inspiration of inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic strife and destabilization socially-a political situation”.

State migratory service made the decision on forced expulsion of the journalist to March 31, with the prohibition of entry to Ukraine for three years.

In the video released by the SBU, Cooper says that she has the citizenship of Moldova and Russia.

“On 30 April met with the journalist of the edition “Ukraine. ru” Vladislav Maltsev via Facebook. He asked me to write articles about the political and social life of Ukraine, to which I replied Yes. In September of 2018 I went to the office of the publication “Ukraine. ru”, met with the chief editor Zakhar Vinogradov and agreed to the fulfillment of their tasks for the production of journalistic propaganda materials, for which he received remuneration in the amount of 3 thousand and 5 thousand Russian rubles (UAH 1262 – 2103 UAH. – “GORDON”), “she said.

As writes the edition theБабель March 21, 19-year-old Cooper wrote in Facebook that at the door of the apartment in Kiev where she lives, were full employees of the state migratory service. She later deleted the post and wrote that it was the police, who did not like her critical article on the website “Nihilist”, and later stated that she was visited by employees of SBU. Then she deleted all the posts concerning the situation. The publication writes that she broke up his Russian passport and took off it on video, but later it was removed.

In comments theБабелю Cooper said that the security service tried to recruit, and she was ready to agree.

“I would be willing to go to Raska and merge all the info, but how do I guarantee that they won’t merge me FSB or will not leave, when I stop being useful? I have quite a lot of background, which may not please the Russians,” she said.

Cooper also said that when he wrote about attacks on Roma people in Kiev, she was threatened by the representatives of right-wing organizations, and Maltsev wrote an article about it for “Ukraine. ru”.

The reporter stated that do not find out who is funding “the Ukraine. ru”, when I started to cooperate with them, but noted that her articles are heavily edited and changed them headers. “Ukraine. ru” Cooper wrote under the pseudonym Rome Vostok.

“My latest article was released there in September 2018. I was interviewed on the March of the UPA, and the text of the post with the title “are You afraid? XXI century, the Nazis marched through the streets of Kiev”. Then I realized it… Bonk. I looked at what they write, and realized that I screwed up bad. I don’t know, I used to learn to write than to think,” she said.

Cooper said he wanted to renounce Russian citizenship and obtain Ukrainian.