The scandal of pedophile priests: another resignation

Скандал вокруг священников-педофилов: еще одна отставка

In the background shaking the Catholic Church scandal of pedophile priests, the Pope accepted the resignation of American cardinal Archbishop of Washington Donald Burla. His name appears in the sensational report on the abuse of minors in Pennsylvania. In particular, Furla reproach that it covers the crimes of subordinates of pedophile priests as a Bishop in Pittsburgh.

A few months ago resigned Furla predecessor, former Archbishop Emeritus of Washington cardinal Theodore McCarrick. He was accused of sexually abusing minors when he was a simple priest.

As for Furla, he claimed that he had acted with diligence, aimed at caring for victims and preventing future violence. But then Wuerl came to the conclusion about the necessity of resignation.

Claudio Lavanga, Euronews

“Archdiocese of Washington has published a letter, written and signed by Pope Francis. In the letter, the Pope writes that in this case we are not talking about that covered the crime, but about making mistakes. Therefore, the head of the Roman Catholic Church is grateful to the cardinal for the request for resignation. Francis said that it is for the benefit of the Church and that the Pope boasts Vorlon. For this reason, the Pope decided to allow the cardinal to perform his duties until the successor”.

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