The scandal surrounding Metro: Exodus – the author of a series of books apologized to fans

Скандал вокруг Metro: Exodus – автор серии книг извинился перед фанатами

The author of the book series “Metro” Dmitry Glukhovsky apologized to gamers. At this step the writer has pushed the scandal that erupted around the game Metro: Exodus.

What happened? Resource 4PDA reports that the public is dissatisfied with the way the game from Steam a few days tirelessly continues to blame the developers and threaten 4A Games complete disregard for release. The Studio has already tried to save the situation, however an official statement, apparently, has not given expected effect: I had to resort to the heavy artillery in the person of the father series.

A video message published in Instagram. The Creator of the “Metro” apologized to fans who feel cheated, and assured that the decision to switch to Epic Games Store, made them.

The author of the novels said that trusts the opinion of the publisher, which has taken such a step, and asked gamers “do not betray us, just as we have not betrayed you all these years.”

Another comment Glukhovsky. This is not the first time Glukhovsky speaks on the topic of what happens to his baby. A few days ago, under one of the posts in Instagram, the writer said that doesn’t kill its own series – and just stands on the sidelines and watch others do it.

The controversial comment was quickly deleted, but a screenshot managed to disperse over the network. Later, however, the media has questioned the authenticity of the screenshots, but such a loud statement, even if it was a fake, did the trick – even more impressed the audience


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