The scandal with Interpol: why Lithuania has threatened to exit from the organization

Скандал з Інтерполом: чому Литва пригрозила виходом з організації

All through the scandal around the Russian General Alexander Prokopchuk

If the President of Interpol will be the representative of Russia Alexander Prokopchuk, Lithuania will be forced to consider leaving the organization. Such resolution was passed by the Seimas of Lithuania, reports Delfi.

“If Alexander Prokopchuk elected head of Interpol, Lithuania, together with other democratic countries will need to immediately consider the possibility of withdrawing from this organization”, – stated in the resolution.

The corresponding resolution was supported by 88 deputies. None of the parliamentarians voted against and seven abstained.

“If the head of Interpol will be elected Alexander Prokopchuk, that is, a candidate member state, which is constantly abusing the Interpol system and uses it as an instrument of political pressure and persecution, not a legal instrument, and pushes the officer, who herself contributed to the manipulation of the system, will be dealt a huge blow to the reputation and legal neutrality of the organization, after which it will be difficult to recover”, – the document says.

The interior Minister of Lithuania Amouts Mbunas says that in case of appointment Prokopchuk of this post, Interpol would become “politicized instruments of regime violence.”

“We see, as earlier in Russia there were attempts to use the international arrest warrant and Interpol opportunity to crack down on activists and democratic civil society in Russia and the Lithuanian officials”, – said the Lithuanian Minister.

We will remind, Ukraine is ready to withdraw from Interpol, if it will be headed by General of the Russian Federation.

Reference: for the position of head of Interpol claims to be a veteran of the Russian interior Ministry and the foreign intelligence service of Russia Alexander Prokopchuk. According to the Ukrainian law enforcement officers, members of staff of the Russian intelligence has implemented the Interpol for espionage.