The scandalous father of Meghan Markle threatened with death: a well-known cause – 24 Channel

Скандальному батьку Меган Маркл погрожують розправою: відома причина - 24 Канал

The father of the Duchess Sussexite Thomas Markle threatened with death. The attacker has already shown that he is resolute.

Thomas Markle was again in the center of the resonance news. However, his scandalous allegations against his daughter and the Royal family were the reason for long discussions and threats received by the husband.

According to The Daily Mail, the 74-year-old Thomas Markle threatens violence. The attacker is Jose Sandoval, who publicly threatened the father of the Duchess Casaccia.

I’ll kill you, you fat bastard, said Sandoval, passing by Thomas Markle.

A few days ago the husband slashed the tires of the car is scandalous relative Meghan Markle, making it clear that his threat is absolutely real. The reason for such action was the jealousy of Jose Sandoval. He suspected that his 38-year-old ex-wife has an affair with Thomas Markle. Laura Davis, who is a former neighbor of the father of the Duchess, all the denies and explains that he just helped her move to another apartment.

“Tom was a big supporter of me and my 11 year old daughter Joselin, which calls him “uncle”. I’m sorry he got dragged into this cruel and humiliating situation. He is the most genuine and kind person I know. Jose terrorized us. My ex-boyfriend crazy. He repeatedly threatened to kill me and my daughter, repeatedly threatened the life of Tom,” said Laura Davis.

Thomas Markle refused to comment to journalists. He noted that already gave evidences to militiamen and not afraid of threats, josé Sandoval.

I’m not worried about his own life. But I’m worried about Lori and Joselin. I swore that I will never give an interview. But the only reason doing it now is that I hope the publicity will help save this woman who was abused
– said Thomas Markle.

Скандальному батьку Меган Маркл погрожують розправою: відома причина - 24 Канал
Thomas Markle Laura Davis and her daughter / The Daily Mail

Recall, Thomas Markle is frequently in scandalous news media. A man caught in the machinations, proving the fact of earning money on the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After prolonged deliberations, he refused to take my daughter to the altar, claiming it has the scheduled surgery time. However, journalists believe that the money schemes have become the reason for this sudden decision of Thomas Markle. After that the man gave numerous interviews that have resulted in new scandals.

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