The scientist said, when the night sweat is signaled on the development of dangerous conditions

Ученый рассказал, когда ночной пот сигналит о развитии опасных состояний

Night sweating can signal the development of life-threatening conditions, particularly diabetes, and cancer. That was said by a German scientist, Professor Christian Bayerl. His arguments are set out on the portal

Profuse sweating during the day, despite the lack of significant physical exertion, tells about hyperhidrosis. In this case, is usually highly sweaty palms, armpit area and the feet, the scientist said.

Night sweats, if it is very pronounced, affects, as a rule, the upper part of the body. Significant sweating at night can cause too warm the air in the room, bad bed linen, as well as medications (e.g., drugs to lower temperature and some antidepressants).

If the above conditions are excluded, the possible cause of night sweat can be a problem in the thyroid gland.

In addition, I notice a scientist, it may be a sign of endocrine disorders. If night sweats are also frequent visits to the toilet and the feeling of thirst, likely the reason for diabetes.

Christian Bayerl added that one of the most dangerous factors of the night sweat is cancer. Night sweats, according to him, can honk on lymphoma and leukemia. If, in addition to sweat, symptoms such as weight loss and fever (high temperature), you need to immediately apply for survey to the experts.

However, sudden sweating at night may, in addition, cause and heavy foods and spices eaten for dinner.