The scientist suggested that the countries of Europe go to the eternal winter

Ученый предложил странам Европы перейти на вечное зимнее время

Europe in the case of non-seasonal transfer of hours and go to permanent winter time. This opinion was expressed by head of the laboratory for sleep research, Uppsala University Christian Benedict.

“The transition to continuous time we need to decide what time we are going to use in summer or winter,” said the scientist, “RIA Novosti”.

According to Benedict, the Europeans have to choose the winter, which is associated with social rhythms established in society.

“If you think about it, our society is designed for the “larks”, all social rhythms focused on the early rise in the morning, whether you go to school or work”, – added the expert.

In addition, Benedict cites studies which claim that people living in the Western time zones, are more susceptible to obesity and cancer.