The scientists printed the skin and bones for the colonists of Mars: video

Ученые напечатали кожу и кости для колонистов Марса: видео

German bioengineers have found a method for the treatment of likely injuries and fractures, which can to the colonists of Mars. For the regeneration of the skin and bones of future “Martians” they suggested using a 3D printer.

Features 3D printed skin. As reported by CNet, printable skin scientists of the Dresden technical University under the supervision of the European space Agency (ESA) used the plasma of human blood, which was used as a “biological ink”.

To simulate print unusual “consumable” in the low gravity, the researchers placed a sample upside down – this did not prevent them to successfully complete the process.

The printing process of the skin – see video

Features a 3D printed bones. However, the skin is not the only thing that managed to print researchers. Using the same ink, but on the basis of human stem cells and combining the material with a calcium phosphate as the basis, scientists have created a full sample of human bone.

The printing process of the bones – see video

Carry all necessary medicines with limited space and download space ship is impossible. We offer 3D printing that will help to respond to emergencies astronauts
– the head of Department of structures, mechanisms and materials ESA.

For what research was conducted? Development in the field of biological 3D printing is being conducted with the aim of equipping astronauts surgical and medical tools which will help treat injuries, broken bones and transplanting organs during long-term space missions or during a mission to Mars.

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