The scientists said, as the wearing of high heels can affect the buttocks

Ученые рассказали, как ношение высоких каблуков может повлиять на ягодицы

What girl has not dreamed of beautiful Brazilian buttocks! To give this body part a perfect look, for years people go to the gym, and work with the coaches, spending huge amounts of money. However, as soon as training ends, or be irregular, buttocks become saggy and flat. Alas, in ordinary life there are many things that contribute to making this an attractive part of the body ugly.

A large-scale study conducted by researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, under the leadership of Dr Neil Cronin identified the following factor, which is directly associated with frequent wearing of high heel shoes. The maximum load in this case falls on the knee joints, while the posterior group of the thigh muscles and buttocks are involved to a lesser degree. Thus, while walking in high heels in this group of muscle fibers is a loss of their tone, which leads to a gradual flattening of the buttocks. In addition, the canadian doctor Victor Celeste found that frequent wearing of high heels leads to insufficient blood flow to the pelvic area and buttocks. It also has a negative impact not only on women’s health, but also on the elasticity of the muscles in the lower body.