The scientists said the danger of snacking on the go

Ученые рассказали, чем опасны перекусы на ходу

From childhood we are taught to not to overwork on a full stomach neither run nor swim, nor work.

Undesirable no-load, at least 30 minutes after eating.

Obviously, we are given to understand that the snacking on-the-go threat. However, few people fully understand what is happening at the moment in the body, why not run on a full stomach.

Scientists this is the short answer: running on a full stomach definitely destroys all the stereotypes of sports performance and is dangerous.

The longer answer is: “After eating, your body prefers to best extract calories and other nutrients from your food,” says Sarah ash, Professor of nutrition research center.

“One of the ways to help the body to direct blood flow in the capillaries of the gastrointestinal system after a meal. This facilitates the transition of nutrients from the gastrointestinal system into the blood, from which then the whole body takes the necessary nutrients,” says the Professor.

However, with fast motion or running, the body sends blood to the muscles for more efficient their work: the muscles is important to obtain the necessary oxygen and energy. Evolutionarily so happened that the body does not stop the process of digestion, but not to provide muscles with oxygen, it too can not.

In the end, the poor performance of both systems can lead to nausea and vomiting.