The scientists saw the danger in the satellites Mask

Ученые увидели опасность в спутниках Маска

In may 2019 the company SpaceX Elon musk has begun to implement your project Starlink. Formerly, there were several dozen satellites to distribute high-speed Internet. However, scientists see a danger for the existence of these satellites.

Recently one of the satellites SpaceX Starlink almost hit a satellite of the European space Agency. While at SpaceX don’t want to adjust the trajectory of their machines.

This situation is of concern to astronomers and scientists. It is now in orbit located more than 2 thousand working satellites. However, there is a danger of collision with space debris that can damage them.

The satellites from Starlink will increase the risk of collisions of space objects on different orbits of the Earth. In the worst case this will lead to the Kessler effect – the absolute pollution of near-earth space due to the destruction of all satellites.

What is known about the companions of the Mask?
May 23 was held the first of many scheduled runs Starlink. Then it was running 60 vehicles. They can be seen and from the territory of Ukraine. These satellites will provide Internet connection in the entire globe with solar energy. The company wants to launch into space thousands of satellites.

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