The scientists suggested the best time to take blood pressure medicine.

Ученые подсказали, в какое время лучше принимать лекарства от давления

To blood pressure meds maximum benefit, take them before bedtime, Spanish researchers suggest.

This simple tip can save lives, they write in a study published in the scientific journal European Heart Journal.

The study says that tablets offer better protection against strokes and heart attacks if taken before bedtime, not morning.

The experts came to the conclusion that the individual’s response to drugs is influenced by the “biological clock” and the natural rhythm of our body.

How to synchronize medication with your “biological clock”?

Researchers are finding more evidence that many drugs, including hearts, are better if taken at certain times of the day.

A study published in the European Heart Journal, today is the largest of its kind. It was attended by 19 thousand people taking medications for high blood pressure.

Participants randomly were divided into two groups: one took the pills in the morning, others before bed. The researchers tracked their condition over the next five years or more.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that those study participants who took the medication in the evening, the risk of death from heart attack, stroke or heart failure was two times lower.

Blood pressure should drop at night when we are sleeping and our body rests.

If not and the pressure remains high, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases, experts say.

According to the study, the drug intake in the evening helps to control blood pressure in the night time in people with hypertension (high blood pressure).

Study participants who took the drug before bedtime, average blood pressure levels were significantly lower in both day and night. At night their blood pressure was lower than those who took medication in the morning.

Lead researcher Professor Ramon Hermida of the Spanish University of Vigo said that doctors can take this into account and start to recommend their patients to take blood pressure meds at night: “It’s completely free and could save many lives.”

“In the current recommendations for treatment of hypertension not contain any guidance on the best time to take medication. The most common recommendation of doctors is to take tablets in the morning during Breakfast, but it is based on the erroneous theory that it reduces morning blood pressure,” he says.

The results of the study, which was conducted by Hermida showed that people who take medications before bed rather than in the morning, have more controlled blood pressure and a significantly lower risk of death, heart disease, and problems in blood vessels, said the Professor.

However, he added that we still need to conduct additional studies among different populations to test whether their with his Spanish colleagues insights to all patients taking different medications for high blood pressure.

“Although this study confirms previous findings in this area, it is necessary to continue to conduct research among other ethnic groups and also among people who work shifts, to really prove that the medication at night useful for people with cardiovascular disease,” says Vanessa Smith, of the British Foundation heart health.

“If you are taking blood pressure medication, consult with your doctor or pharmacist before you change the time of taking the pills. Can be certain reasons why your doctor prescribed you to take the medicine in the morning or evening,” she warns.