The scooter is from Harley-Davidson in 1916 (VIDEO)

Мотоколяска от Harley-Davidson 1916 года (ВИДЕО)

Unusual motorcycle from Harley-Davidson has released in 1916, but the bike survived to our time. This stroller is designed for comfortable walking trips and controlled from the cradle. You can look at the miracle of technology on video. It tells of the virtues of the bike.

Note that there is only a single instance of this stroller. History is silent, why he was created and for whom. The bike is standard, it is well preserved for 104 years. The model has a double stroller that looks like a wagon.

It may seem that this is a standard installation of the stroller for the period of the time, but you may notice some unusual features. For example, the steering wheel redesigned so that control the bike out of the stroller.

Usual chairs by the vehicle is present, therefore to control the bike to be a passenger. This design includes custom shafts, gears, levers and chains that move the controls.