The Scots are tired of waiting “breccia”

Шотландцы устали ждать "брексита"

Euronews continues its journey across the UK. Stop Carlisle, near the border with Scotland. Two years ago in the referendum on the “broksita” many voters voted for secession from the EU, calling the main reason for the reluctance to see a growing influx of migrants to the region.

However, out-of-towners here a lot. As the preparation for “broksita” today affects migrant communities? Our interlocutor – the owner of the Polish shop, living in the UK for 14 years.

Paulina, the owner of the Polish shop: “it’s Difficult to articulate exactly what they fear. Ask any people from the EU living here will tell you everything that I’m worried. We pay taxes, we are totally law-abiding, I hope we all will remain as it was before the “breccia”. Yeah, I hope so.”

Aisha, a loyal customer in the store, Paulina was born in Scotland in a family of immigrants from Poland. She also wondered what “brakcet” store for the ethnic communities in the UK.

Aisha, shopper: “Living here, the poles are concerned. Very many have left, you have no idea how much! On the one hand, this is good: people return home, to the roots. On the other hand, they have invested so much in this country, so much effort spent. When we say about the poles, always meant high standards of work. I am very proud of it.”

Time to get acquainted with the sentiments on the other side of the border

Brian Carter, Euronews: “I hold the way to Scotland through this picturesque landscape, lakes… Want to remind you that in 2016, the overwhelming majority of Scots voted against “breccia”. 62% of Scottish voters want to keep the membership in the EU. I’m very curious to talk with people to understand how they feel on the verge “of breccia” and what do you think about the future of the country.”

Our first interviewee is Neil. he’s 40, he works in the advertising business. Neil disappointed with the preparation for withdrawal from the EU. In his opinion, the country is marking time…

Neal, an employee of an advertising Agency: “All this looks not very good, the impression is that at each stage of the procedure “breccia” there are obstacles and objections. It’s sad. I would say more, the content of the agreement about “breccia” I’m not too worried about it. Want it to be achieved in any form, the process is too long. From my point of view, it’s bad for the economy. Even in my industry we notice that customers are in no hurry to spend money. Everyone froze, trying to calculate what will happen next.”

Here in Scotland, it is interesting to talk to people of the province, rural areas. Many here fear that “brakcet” deprive of their work, however, prefer that the policy has moved from words to deeds.

Graham ray farmer: “You know, I’m more coherent speeches heard in the nursery group than from members of Parliament in London. What they propose just doesn’t make sense. Analyze the proposals of the programme of Parliament is something helpless, kindergarten. Let’s see how they are driving yourself there. We will never be “project of breccia” that will satisfy everyone, that’s why the vote passed with a minimum gap. Again, perfect “breccia” will not. You need to take what you’ve got and start working”.

As many of our interlocutors in the UK, Graham believes that the negotiations have taken too long

Graham ray farmer: “the Threat “of broksita”, the prospect to spend two years talking instead of doing something specific, will lead to unnecessary tension. Why? We made the choice in the referendum, we look for another vote is not necessary”.

Our journey ends here, on the border of England and Scotland. Neighbors managed to overcome many of the historical contradictions, to build solid bridges of mutual understanding. In memory of the joint past, there stand stone monuments… This is a tribute to the unity of the United Kingdom, which, as you know, today in question because of the desire part of Scottish society to independence. Ahead thus, for two whole divorce process. UK residents waiting for where they will lead “brakcet”…

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