The screen is Black Shark 2 improves mobile games: unique experience

Экран Black Shark 2 улучшает мобильные игры: уникальный в своем роде опыт

Games on touch screen – a rather exciting experience. But here’s the thing: touching and sensing in games with complex control schemes can be irritating and unbearable process. The Black Shark 2 has a solution.

Black Shark 2, game phone from Xiaomi, released in China earlier this year, reduces this problem thanks to the MagicTouch. It is based on a pressure-sensitive phone which allows you to redirect the controls to a more convenient location on the screen. It is reported by the Informant Tech with reference to The Verge.

It works similarly to 3D Touch on the iPhone, changing the reaction of the screen depending on how hard you press it, except that it is more useful. MagicTouch, you can activate the game by swiping in the top-right corner of the screen while playing games in landscape mode (playing games in portrait mode, such as Pok?mon Go are not supported). Its interface offers you to choose two matching buttons you’d like to edit, and where would you like to appear on the screen. Obviously, the choice of the method of configuring depends on you, but the idea is to reduce, if not eliminate, clumsy finger movements while playing.

PUBG is a great example to focus. He had already developed with great control setting, allowing players to change the location of literally every button, as well as their size and transparency. In addition to this MagicTouch allows you to do two multi-function buttons, made possible by the very touch screen phone.

Initially, the controls PUBG put the button “Sprint”, where your thumb naturally rests, to move your character. Typically, this involves clicking the button “Inventory” in the bottom corner of the screen. MagicTouch allows you to create a custom action right above the button “Sprint”, which, when pressed hard enough on the screen opens the inventory on the right side. And all this without lifting a finger.

MagicTouch allows you to configure one button on the right side. You can already move the camera, whether third-person or first-person view, moving your finger in the right half of the screen. MagicTouch is not limited to PUBG. You can use it in any landscape-oriented game, which has the controls that you want to configure, and the developers don’t need to do something special for their games to include it. However, due to the fact that it relies on a pressure-sensitive screen, Black Shark 2, it is limited to this phone. Most popular Android phones are no screens that support something like that, so it won’t work, even if this software was released in the Google Play store. To try this feature yourself, you will have to buy the phone.

You can get it for $599,99 on Amazon, and it’s not too expensive for a phone with such features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the latest processor in the flagship Android phones of 2019. It has 8 GB of RAM and a built-in fingerprint sensor, so that it is exactly the same as the OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 terms of hardware features. Black Shark 2 is running Android 9 Pie. Surprisingly, but the interface is mostly standard and is not an interface from Xiaomi MIUI (parent company Black Shark)..

Black Shark 2 is designed for games, so this phone is full hardware details. Bright green beveled bezel runs around the phone, and the rear part Black Shark 2 looks like a luxury sports car. Pixel Google phones usually get upset because of its two-tone design, but the combination of metal and glass Xiaomi is really something. It even has an illuminated logo on the back and the illuminated strip on the side is almost obligatory inclusion for just about anything sold by players.

Pressure-sensitive screens, usually the trick. IPhone 3D Touch iOS useful on paper, but Apple has not done much to justify its existence. Some experienced users may like it because it allows users to do more with fewer taps, but most people probably don’t even know about its existence. The use of Black Shark 2 this kind of technology is still a trick. Its usefulness will depend on what games you like to play and you are unlikely to benefit from it, if you already play on the touch screen.