The season 9 finalists of “Masterchef”: the names of the participants

At the end of the 16 episode 9 season of “Masterchef” judges of the culinary project has identified the finalists of the show who are already in the next issue will be to fight for a place in the Grand final

The seven finalists of the season 9 “Masterchef” had a long and difficult road to the culinary project. They experienced the strength of my willpower, used intuition and studied a lot to pass this hard way in the show. Let’s take a closer look at the seven finalists of the season 9 “Masterchef”, which in the 16th edition received from Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Lisa Glinsky and Vladimir Yaroslavskiy their coveted jackets.

By the way, next 17 issue 9 season of “Masterchef” will not be the battle of black aprons, and every mistake of the cook-the Amateur will lead to his elimination from the show.

Sergey Denisov

A young and promising guy, a native of Batumi, but considers Ukraine to be its home. Sergey 26 years and he was a bachelor. Cook until the project “Master Chef” worked as a Manager in the restaurant, but he’s always loved cooking.

Training at Le Cordon Bleu is a dream for Sergey, for which he seeks confident steps, because the guy already in the final of “Master Chef.”

Alexander Efimenko

23-year-old girl originally from Melitopol and love cooking not so long ago. In 19 years the girl got married, because cooking for her was an integral part of family life.

Profile on a culinary project of Alexander filled with hope for luck, because she’s a huge fan of cooking shows. Sasha watched all the previous seasons more than once, and even cooked recipes from the house project.

Alexandra’s dream is opening their own patisserie.

Thuc Kieu Anh (“Anna”)

Kieu was born in Vietnam, but at the age of six years, the girl’s family moved to Kharkov, where was born her passion for cooking.

Annushka works as a food photographer and enjoys mubanga. The main fascination of the girl – cooking, because the cooking process of various dishes makes Kieu lot of fun.

Lilia Sorokina

The girl grew up in the world of cooking, because her mother worked as a cook. Lily of Kamenetz-Podolsk, she’s 28 years old and her life is always pushed to cooking. Because the girl did not dare to go to the “Master Chef,” her friend filled in the questionnaire in secret. And so, Lily in the final 9th season of “Masterchef”.

Ruslan Luchkov

31-year-old actor transvestite shows from Kherson, known to all as “Lolita amber” is his stage name. But it’s not only his job, Rusik also works ofitsiantom to earn more on costumes for performances.

Ruslan’s goal is to become a true professional chef, and the project “Master Chief” is a chance for the guy to realize it.

Peter Kosovo

21-year-old investigator from Odessa, who dreams of becoming a professional chef. Peter is a supporter of pan-Asian dishes and very spicy food. On the project the guy started an affair with Julia Akimenko, violent waves, which is not just raging on the set of a cooking show.

However, she left the project, and admitted to his fans that after the end of the project “Master Chief” they broke up.

Ruslan Shilin

This 21-year-old Lviv guy’s a real funny guy and a foodie. Ruslan loves medicine and studying to be a pharmacist. But cooking, the love that lives in his heart, did not give him peace.

By the way, a participant in “Masterchef” season 9 manages the family restaurant business, which helps him to better understand the complicated world of cooking from inside and outside. Project Ruslan became friends with Lily, which is able to motivate the guy at crucial moments.