The second attempt will not be: the company refused to SpaceIL mission to the moon

Второй попытки не будет: компания SpaceIL отказалась от миссии на Луну

Private Israeli company SpaceIL decided to abandon plans to send to the moon of the second spacecraft. Note, in the spring of 2019, the spacecraft Beresheet from SpaceIL crashed during landing on the surface of the satellite.

Immediately after the accident, the company said it will make a second attempt to land aircraft on the moon.

But in her official Twitter account posted a message that the team will instead continue to create spacecraft Beresheet 2 for another purpose.

Despite the emergency landing, SpaceIL believes his April lunar mission “is successful, record-breaking journey.” Also, the company is convinced that “the attempt to repeat the journey to the moon not a difficult task”.

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