The second contest of kastomayzerov BMW Motorrad Heritage Battle ended with the victory of the team from Ekaterinburg Backhaus

Второй конкурс кастомайзеров BMW Motorrad Heritage Battle завершился победой команды БайкХаус из Екатеринбурга

BMW R nineT is not only a powerful boxer engine, but also endless opportunities for expression. In 2014, BMW Motorrad has produced nearly 50 thousand copies of this model, and the vast majority of motorcycles were later modified by their owners. That’s why BMW Motorrad Russia for the second year in a row holding a contest Battle Heritage among its dealers, enabling them to unleash their creativity and to demonstrate to clients the freedom that gives the BMW R nineT.

Like last year, each of the participants take the basis of the BMW R nineT R nineT Racer or Urban G/S. the Style and volume alterations were not limited, but we had a tight schedule – the whole project was allotted no more than two months. This time in Heritage Battle involved four dealership BMW Motorrad: Moscow AVILON, Gebhardt and AUTODOM Sorge and the winner of last year Bakhaus from Yekaterinburg.

The AVILON project is Urban G/S remade in the style of the scramblers. Moscow dealer installed it on motorcycle fenders and headlight in the classic style, and the colors were chose British Racing Green in honor of the 60th anniversary of the MINI brand. Team Gebhardt took as a basis the R nineT Racer and in the project appealed to the style of steam-punk. Numerous gears and copper color in the design of their motorcycle combined with a deep reworking of the motorcycle – for example, Racer has found a front fork inverted type, from classic R nineT. The project AUTODOM Sorge was a reference to the 70 years of the last century, and the main feature of the motorcycle was incredibly loud titanium exhaust system. The greatest number of alterations have got Racer dealer Backhaus: project Double Barrel has got a completely new tank and seat, unique exhaust system, fairing and many other details.

The bikes were assessed by a Commission headed by Dmitry Golubchikov (Zillers) – current world champion in customizing AMD. And it’s the team from Ekaterinburg has once again become the undisputed winner of the Heritage Battle. “The guys went on a completely different level – with such projects they have to go to the contests at least on a national scale,” commented project Double Barrel Dmitry Golubchikov. The second place won the team of Gebhardt, and third place went to the team of AUTODOM Sorge.

In 2020, the market goes cruiser 18 BMW R boxer engine capacity of 1.8 liters, which, like the R nineT, literally created for customizing.

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Ilya Baryshev, BMW Group Russia.