The second part action-platformer, Ouida will get a re-release on Xbox One and Switch

Вторая часть экшен-платформера Shantae получит переиздание на Xbox One и Switch

Studio WayForward has announced that the action-platformer Ouida: Risky”s Revenge – Director’s Cut (the second part of the series) will be released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this fall. In addition, the publisher Limited Run Games to reissue the first Ouida (2002) Switch on the Nintendo and version for Game Boy Color cartridge.

Ouida: Risky”s Revenge came out on the DSi in October 2010. Director’s Cut is an updated version of the game in which you play the role of paludina Shante is sent to stop the nefarious plan girls pirate Boots Risks. To do this, the main character will visit the desert, forests and underwater caves, to transform into creatures with unique abilities, to deal with funny characters and to resist the vile barons of the Earth sparkles.

Reissue of the second part, Ouida offers many improvements compared to the original release, including improved navigation, portraits of characters of high definition and unlockable magic mode.

Ouida: Risky”s Revenge, in addition to the DSi, was released on the PC (in 2014), PlayStation 4 (in 2015) and Wii U (in 2016). Pre-order the boxed version of the game Switch for Nintendo, published Limited Run Games, will open in September.