The second wave will cover Russia in late July

Вторая волна накроет Россию в конце июля

This forecast was announced by the infectious diseases specialist and vaccinologist Evgeny Timakov. If he is correct, the first wave will smoothly flow into the second.

A renowned expert in the field of Virology and vaccine Evgeny Timakov said that in late summer, Russia can cover the second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to him it will happen in late July and early August. He also predicted that China will be faced with the second wave in the first month of summer. It is worth noting that Russia has not yet completed the first wave, and we just came out on the plateau when the daily number of cases is at the level of 9 000 people. The most optimistic forecasts, less than 2,000 we will descend before the end of next month. Consequently, the first wave will go smoothly in the second, if the prediction will come true Timakova.

Other experts from Russia emphasize that if our market reach powerful vaccine COVID-19, Russia will be able to avoid the second wave. The Minister of health of Michael Murashko said that the vaccine may appear in July, it seems sensational because even in the UK where long tested drug, whose safety was tested on humans last year, promised to start production of the vaccine in September. In General, scientists believe that the output of a working vaccine in the essential humanity scale possible not earlier than spring of next year, due to the necessity of long assess your tolerance of this drug and the lack of any dangerous side effects.

As for the second wave, according to General opinion of experts, it is almost inevitable as the population of a particular country do not produce herd immunity. But this requires that the coronavirus had at least 60% of the population. The total number of survivors with no symptoms in Russia is not known exactly to answer this question and carried out mass testing for antibodies. Unfortunately, the tests are not reliable and only give a rough estimate.