The second went: VW start retrofitting the following plant for the production of electric vehicles

Второй пошел: VW начала переоборудование следующего завода под выпуск электромобилей

At the end of last month from the Assembly line at the plant of Volkswagen (VW) in Zwickau (Germany) came down last car with an internal combustion engine. Now it will produce only electric cars. Beginning to believe ID.3, and then over time, the range will be expanded due to new models.

VW started the modernization of the plant in Zwickau last year. And on Monday it was announced that has already started preparing for the transition to EV production plant in Emden (Germany). According to the schedule, the first electric cars are here to go from this line in 2022.

This will be the first VW plant in Lower Saxony, which will begin production of electric vehicles in large volumes. It is reported that the first model, which will here be released, it will be ID.4.

It is expected that it will be a small crossover the size of a Tesla Model Y, with a range of over 250 miles (402 km) and a starting price of about $40 thousand For the company this will also be the first electric car of the next generation produced in the United States where they will begin its production next year.

The VW plant in Emden will continue to produce models of the Passat and Arteon in the next “several years”, but eventually he will fully switch to the production of electric vehicles, with a production capacity of 300,000 units per year.

Under the conversion, the company will build a new factory workshop area of nearly 50,000 m2, which will build only electric vehicles. Only the modernization of the plant will invest about 1 billion euros.