The secret agent: a shock test of the capital’s hostels

Тайный агент: шок-проверка столичных хостелов

Leading Secret agent (New channel) checked the condition of the hostels after the quarantine.

After the opening of borders, Ukraine will be ready to accept foreign tourists. After all, our country is attractive for travel. But can the hostels to offer foreign visitors the European service provider? Checked out the journalist of the project “the Secret agent” (New channel) Tatiana Sorocos.

To evaluate the service I helped a guest from France – Paul – says the journalist. – The guy three years travels through Ukraine, and understands the language. But during the experiment he spoke English. After all, according to international standards, a staff member needs to speak a foreign language.

Paul booked a room at capital hostel.

At the reception, he was immediately asked to pay the full amount for the accommodation, and it is 600 UAH per night, – says Tatiana. – The administrator talked to him in Ukrainian. According to her, English and French she doesn’t know. After payment, the woman gave Paul the key to his room and wished a good holiday.

Unfortunately, to enjoy the stay at the hostel the guy couldn’t. Because his room was in a terrible state. The bed dirty and the mattress covered in mold. Sleep on it is very dangerous. Evaporation of mold can trigger allergies or pneumonia. The bathroom floor was covered in hair.

Paul was amazed that over 600 hryvnias room so dirty, – says Tatiana. – He asked the administrator to return all the money. The woman gave only half. And according to the law, if the contractor does not provide its services properly, must return all funds.

Undercover agents are advised not to pay the full amount until you are sure that the room you are satisfied.

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Тайный агент: шок-проверка столичных хостелов

Тайный агент: шок-проверка столичных хостелов