The secret of Escobar Fold and struggle with Samsung coronavirus: week

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

This week was not so much of many significant events from the world of Android, but thanks to its versatility, it will always give an excuse to talk about yourself. As is usually the case, is not without news from Google, which will soon release a new device, and even a little mistake when working on software. In addition, as the past few weeks without news about the fashion industry and how it affects the world of technology. Today, in this vein, we consider the action of Samsung, which could not remain aloof from this struggle. In short, sit back, pour a Cup of tea, or whatever drink, and let’s start talking about the most important thing that happened this week.

The contents

  • 1 Samsung invites you to a free disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus
  • 2 How to Fold buy a Galaxy for $ 400 and get the money.
  • 3 Google has broken the smart unlock for Android 10
  • 4 Google will release a new Ultra Chromecast Android TV

Samsung invites you to a free disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus

Samsung has offered the owners of branded devices service disinfection of coronavirus. She can use the owners of smartphones, tablets, headphones and smart watches the Galaxy series – that is, all those which are used in the environment with high probability collect on various viruses, bacteria and germs, and so are potential carriers of infectious diseases. But about laptops and other equipment out of the question. Obviously, this is due to the fact that they are better protected from contact with outsiders and do not pose a threat to n users.

The service in question is called Galaxy Sanitizing and of course, only applies to devices of its own production Samsung, so if you are the owner of the vehicle from a competitive brand, most likely in the disinfection you will be denied. At the moment the program operates in 19 countries, including Russia, and the service within it is absolutely free of charge. To use it, you must contact an authorized Samsung service center or in retail stores, Samsung Experience Store.

Unlike Apple which recommends treating smartphones with isopropyl alcohol or Clorox cleaning wipes, Samsung said that it is better not to use any cleaning chemical solutions and abrasive materials, as this may damage the housing the processing device or to erase the oleophobic coating on the screen. But since it is to abandon disinfection was impossible, the Koreans have conducted many experiments and eventually came to the conclusion that will handle the corporate equipment with ultraviolet radiation. To do this, Samsung had to purchase special equipment and provide them with service centers and shops.

According to representatives of Samsung, the ultraviolet radiation efficiently removes bacteria and other microorganisms from the surface of the device and is absolutely safe for their health. However, specify in the company, because of the design features on some gadgets brand removal efficiency biogarantie may be lower than others. Therefore, Samsung warns that absolute purification from microbes and viruses is not guaranteed, but treatment with ultraviolet light, first, more safe than the self-cleaning, and, secondly, still gives better result than if the device is never subjected to cleaning.

While I was writing this post, had a few compliments for Samsung genuinely wanting to praise the company. Still, until such customer has not shown any other vendor. It’s the same you had to buy special equipment, to organize delivery at the service centers in 19 countries, and decide not to charge people a penny for disinfection. But then I came up with the logical idea that if you handle your smartphone or headphones with rubbing alcohol I can do at home, for the ultraviolet irradiation I will have to leave their homes and go in search of the service center. Not that I was too lazy to do it, but in terms of infection it doesn’t look like a logical and safe event.

Well, of course, there is a striking lack of technical support from Samsung running the program. Shortly before the release of the material I wrote in the chat on the website and asked where I can use the service for disinfection. The answer I got was quite expected. As it turned out, Samsung has no idea about the service Sanitizing Galaxy and, by itself, may not indicate a store or shop where the service was provided, suggesting me alone calling all service centers. Doesn’t seem to be drawn to care about the customer, isn’t it?

How to buy Galaxy Fold for $ 400 and get the money.

Escobar Fold 2, which the company brother Pablo Escobar sold for $ 400, turned out to be the real Galaxy Fold, pasted a brilliant film with the logo of the new brand. But do not hurry to rejoice. After all, to get this smartphone you will likely not succeed, because the company Escobar Inc. in fact, not engaged in their sale. For many and for us in particular this was evident from the start, but at that time we had only circumstantial evidence of bad faith of the relatives of the famous drug Lord. Now the point in this question put popular YouTube blogger Marques Brownlee.

According to Brownlie when he learned about the release of the first Fold Escobar and his price, which was equal to 349 dollars, he issued an order, not too counting on success. Needless to say that the device blogger and has not received, and in the personal account order status set at “Assembly”, but has not changed in a month, or two, or three. Despite this, in a short time, Escobar Inc. launched the second generation Escobar Fold, considering its 50 dollars more expensive than the previous. Brownlie and paid for it, but this time gave you a different name. The result was the same.

Then Brownlie wrote in his Twitter account that paid for both generation Escobar Fold, but has not received a single order, noting that he does not recommend anyone to contact Escobar Inc. That evening with the blogger contacted the company. They said that to send him the original Escobar Fold is not possible due to the exhaustion of stocks. However, they can send instead the second generation. Surprisingly, Escobar Fold 2 of the first order still got to Brownlie, allowing to look at him and us.

As can be seen, the delivery of the smartphone is quite scarce and, in addition to himself, only includes the charging cable. No cover, no headphones, even the power supply – and that does not put. But the whole apparatus Packed in a gold film with brand logo Escobar Inc., revealing signs of the real origin of the device. Apparently, relatives of the infamous drug Lord Escobar does not collect Fold 2 component of the Galaxy Fold on their own, as they claimed in press releases and disguises as him quite a retail unit of Samsung. Though not very clear, where in this case, to do related accessories, which in the original package is quite a lot.

Despite the fact that Escobar Fold 2 managed to light up many bloggers and famous people, it changes nothing. Obviously, Escobar Inc. is a fraudulent project, aimed at fraudulently extracting money from people that want to be folding smartphone for next to nothing. It has some evidence:

  • Escobar Inc. registered in Sweden, and its staff consists of two people;
  • The Website Escobar Inc., sells smartphones, not associated with any payment system, offering buyers to pay for purchases by Bank transfer;
  • You will not find any random person who got Escobar Fold – either tehnologii or ex-movie stars or singers, who have nothing to lose and they advertise every game.

If you haven’t understood, let me repeat: do not try to order Escobar Fold, because it’s a Scam. Even Marques Brownlee received a free copy only once did Escobar Inc. publicity via Twitter, and then only by the order, which was issued in his name. According to the second order the smartphone before him was not reached and is unlikely to reach. The moral: there are no freebies.

Google has broken the smart unlock for Android 10

Smartphone users the Google Pixel, the Samsung, OnePlus and Nokia complained that on Android 10 mode, Smart Lock has stopped working as well as before. Some users after upgrade, even with active smart unlocking device is to request a biometric verification or a password, which was not observed before, and others from the firmware disappeared altogether such a function, as well as the ability to activate it. Understand that this is a clever unlocking is, how it works and why users care so much about her disappearance.

Smart unlock or Smart Lock is a system of several methods to unlock on Android, which are designed rather to protect users and to make interaction with smartphones in situations where it is perhaps easier. For example, it allows not to block the camera when it is connected to a trusted Bluetooth accessory like a smartwatch or fitness bracelet, whose presence in the vicinity confirmed that both handsets are in their owner, and hence to be protected until from anyone.

I noticed that the Smart Lock on my Nokia 7.1 stopped working immediately after I updated to Android 10. The function is not working either at home or in the car or when connected to the bracelet Fitbit Versa or Surface Pro 7. But she worked for 9 Android. Since the update it has been several months, but work Smart Lock has not been restored, which is very annoying to me. Hey, Google, you would do well to somehow respond and tell us you are working on a solution to our problem or not, wrote one user.

Surprisingly, pretty soon, Google made a statement that they had nothing to do with, and in the wrong job Smart Lock manufacturers fault. But if in the case of the smartphone OnePlus and Samsung this answer can still ride, in the case of Nokia, which run on stock version of Android, and Google Pixel, which produces and supports Google itself, no. However, most likely, the developers of the search giant themselves understood it, and therefore chose the owners of “pixels” in the same vein not answer, so as not to discredit themselves.

A cursory analysis of the situation showed that the problem in the Smart Lock is pretty common. Seriously, how did she grow legs, to say really hard. After all, on my Honor 20 View this feature operates quite properly, to maintain the apparatus in an unlocked state at moments of connection to the smart column and the fitness band. Therefore, we can assume that it is not in the OS. But, on the other hand, in the Magic firmware UI smart unlock outside section of Google, as it was before, which gives reason to think that this self-realization Honor, independent from the search giant.

The smart unlock is quite extensive and, in addition to Bluetooth accessories that allows you to use other verification methods:

  • Unlock face;
  • Unlock voice;
  • Unlock graphic key;
  • Unlock in trusted places;
  • Pectoral unlock (phone is not blocked, is still with you).

Yes, the methods are not about reliability, but about convenience. After all, the play pattern is much easier than 8-digit password, and the voice of a stranger can always be similar to yours so that your smartphone just gonna take off the lock. Therefore, the key purpose Smart Lock is a convenience, which is especially appreciated by motorists. It is very comfortable, when you sit in your car to connect your smartphone with the onboard computer and remove the block. As a result, all that remains to be done in order to activate the smartphone, is to press the power button and get to the desktop, without passwords and without using biometric verification. This is not only convenient but also secure as a password at the wheel can distract a driver and pose a danger to himself and others. However, now users this is not possible, and know when to appear again.

Google will release a new Ultra Chromecast Android TV

Don’t know about you, but I recently very actively used by the set top boxes like Google Chromecast and AppleTV 4K. They seem to me just a great way to consume video content, whether it is broadcasting or simply mirroring content from your smartphone. I have a couple of such devices and sometimes I even connect them to the TVs that already have Smart. It’s just easier than using regular functions. Now there is information that many were waiting for. Google releases new Chromecast. The question is, what will it be and what it will feature. Because we do not want it was worse than the previous. Agree?

According to the publication citing its sources familiar with the plans of Google, the company indeed plans to launch the Chromecast Ultra second generation Android TV. The launch is to take place this year. I can assume that we’ll talk about it at the same time with the new Google Pixel. It is possible that he planned an earlier launch in the conference of developers Google I/O, which was canceled due to the acceleration of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, which is now sweeping the planet and have already escaped outside of China, infecting more than 115 000 people worldwide. At this conference we had to show the Google Pixel 4A, which, however, we already know is not enough.

If you believe the information received, the device will have the familiar form factor and will connect directly to the HDMI connector of your TV, without the long wires and removal of the device. However, it has to be an important addition, which will be the remote control. The device itself received the code name “sabrina”.

The gadget will maintain the content in 4K HDR, which in our time is not even the gold standard, and it is literally a necessity. For connection to external devices, as before, will use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

External control, which we mentioned above, will control the device and it’ll be somewhat similar to a remote for AppleTV. It would be illogical to assume that it will not be Google Assistant. For its realization there is a special button and microphone for magictouch teams. This can be found in different consoles, for example, the Apple TV and Mi BOX from Xiaomi.

In addition, a nice and important feature of console is its ability programming on your TV to operate it. This will be very useful, as it will allow you to manage the entire system from a single console.

As for the design, it will change slightly for the third generation Chromecast sold in 2018. New product will have more smooth shapes and rounded edges. On the top panel will be the traditional Google logo with the letter “G”. More about the design of the miniature device has nothing to say.

If the leak is not lying and everything will be as we have been told we will receive a full device for Android TV, which will replace the users of many other devices and allow you to use the TV’s coolest services. Among them can and should be such as YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and many others.
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Pricing information of the proposed new items yet, and no timeline for its release. While we have only assumptions made at the beginning of the article.

From myself I can add that I’m not sure that I will want to go out and buy this device. On the other hand, if the price is sane, then not to run with your Chromecast from TV to TV I could buy it.

First and foremost, he is the possibility of using the remote and the same remote capabilities that make it very versatile. If all this will be, I’ll be satisfied and recommend the gadget to purchase. After a little testing, of course.

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели

Главный секрет Escobar Fold и борьба Samsung с коронавирусом: итоги недели