The “secret” Shuttle Boeing X-37B made its record-breaking flight: details

"Секретный" шаттл Boeing X-37B совершил свой рекордный полет: детали

Space Shuttle US air force X-37B, which was developed by the Boeing company returned to the Ground and broke its previous record for flight duration. The ship has been in space three times longer than the time he had to spend there from the beginning.

This is already the fifth successful mission of the Boeing X-37B. The Shuttle landed at the Space center Kennedy, after on-orbit 780 days and breaking the old record of 717 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes. It was originally planned that the device is reusable can spend in space for 240 days, according to Engadget.

What is known about the mission of the Boeing X-37B? According to the representative of the United States air force Randy Walden, the transport had fulfilled “all tasks”. Since the associated with flying materials are classified, the government traditionally presents only General information about the mission.

"Секретный" шаттл Boeing X-37B совершил свой рекордный полет: детали

Boeing X-37B returned to Earth after record flight

It is known that scientists had the distributor temperature, which helped to check “experimental electronics” and a system of tubular cooling.

Another project, possibly linked to the testing hall effect ion thruster. Also, according to Walden, the Shuttle is engaged in the deployment of small satellites.

What is known about the Shuttle Boeing X-37B?
This drone experimental orbital aircraft designed to test technologies for future space missions during his stay on orbit and entering the atmosphere. X-37 made its first flight in a test reset 7 April 2006, at Edwards AFB. The spacecraft was launched on 22 April 2010.

The following flights. Note, this is not the last flight of the spacecraft X-37B – a new launch is scheduled from Cape Canaveral as early as 2020.

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