The Secretary says sexual abuse in the Donbass, – the representative of Ukraine to the UN

Генсек не замечает сексуального насилия на Донбассе, - представитель Украины при ООН

The report of the UN Secretary General on sexual violence in military conflicts bypasses any memory of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

About the same time the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko said during a debate on “Women, peace and security: sexual violence in conflict” held in the security Council of the United Nations, reports UKRINFORM.

“I once again Express our disappointment that the thematic report of the UN Secretary General again bypasses the memory about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its victims,” – said Yelchenko.

He added that Ukraine once again calls on the UN to establish a special mission to investigate sexual violence in the temporarily occupied territories of Russia.

“The government of Ukraine is making efforts to ensure the protection of women’s rights, empowering their influence in all spheres of public life, as well as providing the necessary support and reintegration for women victims of sexual violence as a result of Russian aggression,” – said the diplomat.

The Ukrainian envoy briefed the security Council on practical steps of the Ukrainian authorities in implementing the objectives of United Nations agenda regarding women, peace and security at the national level. In particular the efforts to achieve gender equality in the armed forces within the National plan for the implementation of UN security Council resolution No. 1325 for the years 2016-2020, by which a number of military occupations and titles became available for women.

“In 2018 the government of Ukraine also added to the National plan of action some aspects of Strategy to prevent and respond to sexual violence associated with the conflict (CRSV). This includes education and training in the security sector on aspects of prevention and protection and psychological support for victims of violence, and also includes an information campaign,” – said Yelchenko.

He recalled the government’s action plan for 2018, which establishes the institution of advisers on gender issues, and about historical changes in the higher military educational institutions of Ukraine, which opened its doors for the entry of women.

The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that despite the numerous efforts of the UN to prevent and combat sexual violence in conflict, the organization’s resolutions, unfortunately, not enough implementation.

“Since the founding of the office of the special representative of the UN Secretary General 10 years ago, the security Council adopted five resolutions aimed primarily at preventing sexual violence in conflict. However, the problem continues to be a disaster for vulnerable groups, and sometimes entire communities,” – said the diplomat.

According to Yelchenko, it is imperative that the international community (and the security Council in particular) continued to look for the most effective ways of implementing existing resolutions on the agenda of the UN women, peace and security, to prevent crimes and inevitability of responsibility in case of their Commission.