The seizure of the temples of ptsu in the occupied Donbas: Ukraine turned to the OSCE

Захват храмов ПЦУ на оккупированном Донбассе: Украина обратилась в ОБСЕ

Ukraine turned to the OSCE SMM with a request to check the data that the Russian occupation administration in the Donetsk region seized the temple and Church property to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the occupied village of Kuznetsovo.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Prokopchuk at the time of the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on 2 may said that the Ukrainian side expects from the Mission is verifying information about illegal and repressive behavior of the occupants.

In particular, in late April, Russian armed forces declared the confiscation of the temple of ptsu in the village of Kuznetsovo and decided to pass ownership of it to the Moscow Patriarchate.

The diplomat noted that the OSCE has previously examined the situation, when militants carried out searches at the Holy Trinity Cathedral ptsu in Lugansk. Then they confiscated the Church things, and the clergy was blocked on the so-called “a 4.5-hour interview.”

“We strongly condemn these repressive actions of the Russian side, which violate the freedom of religion and worship, and we encourage the SMM to continue to implement this part of its monitoring mandate,” said Prokopchuk.

What is known about the capture of churches in the Donbass?The Orthodox Church of Ukraine has long suffered persecution by the Pro-Russian invaders in the Donbas. Yes, 7 April in the occupied Lugansk militants of the so-called “interior Ministry “LNR” carried out a search at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Orthodox Church of Ukraine and detained her rector Anatoly Nazarenko.

The search was ostensibly aimed at identifying persons involved in the destabilization of the socio-political situation in occupied Luhansk. Fighters even the name for these searches came up with “operation “Stop terror”. From the temple ptsu Russian invaders seized religious literature, Ukrainian symbols, official correspondence and work computers.

25th April Pro-Russian militants in the occupied Donbas, together with representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate took over the temple ptsu in Kuznetsovo-mykhailivka in the Donetsk region. Almost ruined temple came into the possession of the former UOC-MP is still in the 90 years of the twentieth century. It helped to restore the Ukrainian patrons and the Patriarch. For many years there was conducted solemn services and acts of charity for those in need.