The selection of the most fun facts about the peak of intimate pleasure

Подборка самых забавных фактов о пике интимного удовольствия

We all know that orgasm is a feeling of great satisfaction that occur during sexual intercourse. From the point of view of physiology, it is the moment of pleasant getting rid of accumulated tension.

And although we know a lot about what an orgasm is, there are still more things unknown. One of the most viewed videos about orgasm gathered over 10 million views. In this video, writer and science journalist Mary roach talks about the most unusual things which are the objects of study in the area of sexuality and relating directly to the achievement of the culmination moment of sexual intimacy.

In 2008 Mary with a book “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex” was included in the list of the 10 best and most recommended a best-selling author in the United States.

10 fun facts about orgasms

While in the womb, children can masturbate.

To reach orgasm, not necessarily to stimulate the genitals.

The orgasm is possible even after death (if you stimulate a point in the coccyx where the sacral nerve root, for example, exposure to electric current, it is likely to lead to orgasm).

Orgasm can lead to an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

An orgasm can get rid of hiccups.

In the early twentieth century, doctors prescribed orgasm as a means to enhance fertility.

Danish farmers continue to stimulate orgasm in pigs. For this they even have special posters and videos.

Females reach orgasm more often than we think.

To study orgasm in humans under laboratory conditions a very difficult task…

but it’s definitely fun.

Mary roach spoke about how he interviewed a woman who claimed that she gets an orgasm from the mere thought of it. Mary asked: “Can you demonstrate this now?” What her companion replied, “Wait until we finish our dinner!”. And then on a Park bench demonstrated how this happens. This type of orgasm is more known as a cerebral or ASMR (Autonomous sensory Meridian response).

The literature describes orgasms, which leads to touching a knee, rubbing his eyebrows or brushing your teeth. These cases say that we can have fun not only familiar, but also thousands of other ways. Have to be willing to experiment and try something new.