The self-defense group shot from ambush, there are victims: the details of the tragedy

Отряд самообороны расстреляли из засады, есть жертвы: подробности трагедии

At least six people were killed in the attack on the detachment of self-defense forces

Fatal tragedy occurred on Monday, June 24.

It is reported that in the Mexican state of Guerrero, near the village of El Camarón in the municipality of Petatlan bandits have organized an ambush on samooboronovtsev and shot them, according to the portal Excelsior

It is not known who could organize such a vicious attack on the “community police”.

Note that in Mexico often, local residents create self-defense units. It happens in the regions where at ease feeling the drug trafficking and the control of the police or the army weak.

Meanwhile, the Mexican authorities for such groups are wary, as they suspected them of links with the mafia and certain criminal groups, who thus destroy their competitors.

As we wrote earlier, the fight with the shooting and stabbing, in which people died, occurred in the capital of Turkey. So radically did the citizens of Russia and Turkey.

The bloody incident occurred in Istanbul on Gencturk. Eyewitnesses said that at first the Russians and the Georgians about something argued in a raised voice. Then passed from words to deeds – the shooting began, after the course went the knife, the newspaper reports Rusturkey.

At mass conflict has killed a citizen of Russia, who was stabbed in the abdomen. Later there was another victim of the conflict in hospital from fatal head wounds died a citizen of Georgia.

Other participants of the incident escaped. Now they are actively looking for local law enforcement officers.

Local media reported that Turkey began war the Russian thieves in the law.

A terrible accident occurred on Friday evening, may 31, in Ukraine. Police fatally wounded the child. June 3 native 5-year-old boy reported that he died in Kiev hospital.

The place where there was a wounded child, is located on the outskirts of the city. The area the locals called “Shanghai” because of the many old houses of barrack-type type. In one of the buildings still living uncle of the deceased Cyril. On that tragic day, his relatives with children, Cyril and his 11-year-old brother, came to rest on the nature.

Drunk cops decided to shoot at cans and bottles. One of the bullets mortally wounded a 5-year-old boy.

Отряд самообороны расстреляли из засады, есть жертвы: подробности трагедии

Отряд самообороны расстреляли из засады, есть жертвы: подробности трагедии