The sequel to Jumanji, the new project Director of “the Last of the Jedi” and spy adventure will Smith: TOP trailers of the week

Продолжение Джуманджи, новый проект режиссера «Последнего джедая» и шпионские приключения Уилла Смита: ТОП трейлеров недели

Every week, the screens there are not only new films, but also a fresh trailer. Such a wide variety helps everyone find interesting pictures and to stay involved in the huge industry.

CI Tech gathered together the most interesting trailers of the week that will make you count down the days to some Prime Ministers. We will be able to interest you regardless of your preference: be it horror movies, cartoons or Comedy.


After the creation of the incredible scale of the film, the Director of “the Last of the Jedi”, Rian Johnson, the repertoire on a picture in the style of Agatha Christie. The plot is suitable – a group of people trapped in a mansion while detective investigating a potential homicide. The film will be released on November 27.

Jumanji: the next level

Jumanji reboot in 2017 came a few days after “the Last of the Jedi” and still managed to earn a lot of money. So this year Sony again decided to continue. This time the picture will again compete for a piece of the profit in the period release of “Star wars” in December.

Wu-Tang: the American Saga

You can also expect the new Hulu series, The Wu-Tang Clan. Here the story turns to drama, through which you can learn about the struggle of black families in new York 1990-ies. The show will be released on 4 September.


HBO also keep up the momentum. Their novelty is a Comedy about a totally inept, confused and corrupt to the family of televangelists. The show starts on August 18.

Spies in Disguise

In this spy cartoon involved will Smith, he is voiced by super cool spy who transforms into a dove and gets stuck in this form. This light Comedy one can expect for Christmas (quite appropriate and expected).


The Terror from AMC is a horror series that is based (in General) in historical events. New episodes will affect Americans of Japanese descent during the Second world war. The series returns on August 12.