The Servant of the people want to expand the list of grounds for dismissal Sytnik

В Слуге народа хотят расширить перечень оснований для увольнения Сытника

10.03.2020, 20:36


Deputies Alexander Dubinsky and Alexander Kachura registered the bill which I propose to dismiss the Director of the NABU for the adminnarusheniye

The Parliament introduced a bill which proposes to expand the list of grounds for dismissal of the Director of NABU paragraph about the administrative offence of corruption. This was reported on the website of the Parliament.

The authors of the bill №3180: members of the Servants of the people Alexander Dubinsky and Alexander Kachura.

According to the document, part 4 of article 6, which sets out the grounds for the dismissal of the head of NABOO, is proposed to add item 14 as follows: “the entry into force of the court decision on bringing him to administrative responsibility for administrative offences related to corruption”.

In case of presence of such decision of the court Council may dismiss the Director of the NABU on the proposal of at least one third of deputies of the constitutional composition (not less than 150 MPs).

While Kachura in his Telegram-channel writes that Artem Sytnik may be dismissed under this law, if it will, only in the case of committing new adminarea, as the law is not retroactive.

  • December 13, 2019, the court of Appeal of Rivne region upheld the decision of the court of Sarny region, recognized Sytnyk guilty of an administrative violation and awarded a penalty of 3 400 hryvnias. Sytnik was charged under article 172-5 of the code of administrative violations (violation of statutory restrictions on receiving gifts).
  • 10 February 2020 the Deputies collected 216 signatures and submitted to the Parliament a draft resolution on dismissal rush.
  • In the Center of counteraction of corruption argue that the guilt of an administrative offense is not grounds for the dismissal of the Director of NABU, and against the rush a legitimate reason for the dismissal of his Parliament there.