The Shakhtar coach luís Castro: graduate in physics without a trophy, who has just replaced Fonseca

Тренер "Шахтёра" Луиш Каштру: дипломированный физик без трофеев, который уже раз заменял Фонсеку

Shakhtar Donetsk led the Portuguese coach luís Castro. Contract with the specialist signed for two years. Everything you need to know about 57-year-old specialist, who became the 33rd coach in the history of “miners” – in the material Спорт24.

Childhood and career

Luís Manuel Ribeiro de Castro was born on 3 September 1961 in Mondaine, Portugal. In his childhood he suffered a severe illness. But this did not prevent him from becoming a professional footballer. Played at right-back.

Almost his entire career luís Castro spent in the lower leagues of the championship of Portugal. Started in the youth team “Vianense” and later in “UNIAN Leiria” (she was not in the Portuguese Example). The only club which played in the elite – “Elvas”. But there for three seasons, Castro has played less than three dozen matches. This was about ten yellow cards and one red. So for 17 years of a player’s career of outstanding achievements he was not.

Coaching career and a diploma physics

At 36 years of age, Castro decided to finish career of the player. And went to school. However, he chose not sports education. Castro joined the faculty of physics of University of Coimbra. Continued to participate in the training process of his latest club – “Agedy”. However, he already at that time had a family (wife and two daughters), so he went to work as a seller. Given that he started off well to make it, even thought about leaving coaching career. But his wife convinced him not to.

Therefore, until 2004, Castro worked with the clubs of the lower leagues. Until he was invited to “Penafiel”. It happened in 2004. the club had just made it to Example. And the first season at the helm of this team was quite successful – the ninth place in the championship. And in the following season the team was relegated. For 34 matches – two wins and 9 draws. This was associated with loss leaders and the chaos in the leadership team.

However, Castro drew attention to “the Port”, but was offered a job not a head coach, and in the structure of the club.

“Port” and the first replacement Fonseca

Castro was offered a job in Porto’s Academy, first at the organizational posts (started with the coordinator of the youths in the club’s Academy). But he wanted to train, so he entrusted the U-19 team, with whom he worked for seven years. During this time around Castro has arisen aura of a man who is able to work well with young people. And in July 2013 luís Castro got the position of head coach of the second team FC Porto. At the same time “dragons,” led by Paulo Fonseca.

Тренер "Шахтёра" Луиш Каштру: дипломированный физик без трофеев, который уже раз заменял Фонсеку

But already ex-coach of “Shakhtar” long in Fonseca Porto to linger but could not. In March he was fired because of unsatisfactory results, and for the first time Castro has replaced him as head coach. However long he stayed there for less than. Under his leadership, the team played 16 matches (9 wins, 1 draw and 6 defeats), and took third place. Therefore, in the summer of 2016, “Port” was led by Julen Lopetegi, and Castro returned to “Port B”. With this team he spent two seasons.

The work of the head coach

Would have worked longer, but in November 2016, he was invited to the post of chief coach of “Rio Ave”. The team played in the Example and under the guidance of a specialist finished seventh in the championship.

In the summer of 2017 Castro went to work in “Chaves”. This is attributed to the fact that at this time very sick, his father and Luis wanted to be closer to him. With “Havisham” he finished in sixth position in the championship. After his father died, he no longer wanted to stay there.

In the summer of 2018 Castro headed the “Vitoria Guimaraes”. The team that season finished fifth and won the right to play in qualifications of the Europa League.

In winter, the instructor could double to change the team. In December 2018 the interest in the coach showed the English “reading,” which appears in the championship. But before signing the agreement is not reached. Subsequently, the interest in Castro attributed to Benfica, which in January 2019 was left without a coach. But everything remained at the level of rumors.

Play scheme and youth Shakhtar

Castro called the coach who loves to work with young people. Most often he uses the scheme 4-1-4-1. However, maybe change it, to better reveal the potential of the players. Before him, Shakhtar played in a 4-2-3-1 formation, so it is unknown how it will be in the new season.

Тренер "Шахтёра" Луиш Каштру: дипломированный физик без трофеев, который уже раз заменял Фонсеку

Also Castro can to attract more young people “miners” for the games. Can also help the successful performance of the players of the youth team of Shakhtar at the world Cup U-20. There players are defender Valery Bondar, and on the flanks of midfield play Viktor Kornienko, Yefim Hemp and Alexei Potapov. The defensive midfielder of the national team of Ukraine is a “miner” Maxim Czech.

But it is unlikely they will get the opportunity to play for the home team. Because Shakhtar have a lot of other players to give playing time.


Luís Castro in Portugal is considered to be a pretty progressive coach. However, it only worked in local middle, nothing winning in his career (with the exception of the victory in the Portuguese to “Port B” in 2015/16). He has a little experience of playing in European competitions. Shakhtar only sets itself the highest goals and will start in the group stage of the Champions League.

Therefore, the contract is only for two years suggests that Castro Shakhtar – during the transitional period. To improve the youth and to wait while Shakhtar will find a more famous coach.