The shelling of ambulances in the Donbas, SBU is investigating the case under article about violation of the laws of war

Обстрел санитарного автомобиля на Донбассе: СБУ расследует производство по статье о нарушении законов войны

The security service of Ukraine investigates criminal proceedings on the fact of fire fighters ambulance near the Water Donetsk region, announced on 1 July in Facebook press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

“Under the procedural management of Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region investigators of head Department of Service of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts is carried out pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 438 (violation of the laws or customs of war) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – is told in the message.

The Prosecutor recalled that on 1 July, about 10.50, the militants “DNR” fired anti-tank guided missile at the sanitary car of the Ukrainian military near the village of Vodiane, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region.

The shelling killed 48-year-old health instructor Irina Shevchenko and 47-year-old senior driver Sergey Mayboroda, one person received a gunshot wound of the soft tissues of the lumbar region.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky urged the European partners of Ukraine and the United States “properly respond” to the fire.

The special representative of the United States Ukraine Kurt Volker condemned the shelling of the ambulance occupants.