The ship Aquarius ceases – “Doctors without borders”

Судно "Аквариус" прекращает свою деятельность - "Врачи без границ"

The ship Aquarius ceases to conduct operations to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean sea. This was stated by “Doctors without borders”. According to them, the decision was made in connection with the “smear campaign” launched by the authorities of European countries around rescue operations of NGOs.

Today is a dark day. Europe not only failed to ensure normal conditions for rescue operations, she defiantly sabotaged attempts by others to save lives“, – said the head of the branch “Doctors without borders” in the UK, Vicki Hawkins.

According to UN estimates, in 2016 while trying to cross the Mediterranean killed about 5 thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. This year, the figure is around 2 million.

The Italian office of public Prosecutor of Catania has filed a non-governmental organization “Doctors without borders”, which used the ship for transportation of migrants, the charges of violating rules on separate collection of garbage dumping into the Italian ports, seeking his arrest.

The ship is currently in the port of Marseille after the loss of a Panamanian registration.

The “Mediterranean SOS” until now they have not received notification from the French authorities regarding the seizure of the ship issued by the Prosecutor’s office of Catania. Under EU rules you do not need special judicial decisions – just the order of execution.

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